Notice To Competitors


1) The decision of the Judges appointed by the Committee to be final.
2) Protests must be handed to the Secretary, in writing; within an hour of the event, with a deposit of half the prize money at stake, which deposit may be forfeited should the Committee consider the protest to be unwarranted.
3) In all competitions S.G.A. Rules apply.
4) All competitors will pay appropriate charge for admission to the field. Thereafter entry to all competitions is free.
5) The Committee reserve the right to make any alteration to the programme.
6) No person will be allowed in the ring except active competitors and officials.
7) Competitors must leave the ring after each competition.
8) Pipers must bring a list of three Piobaireachds, three Strathspeys, three Reels, three Jigs and three Marches for the judges to select from and will play as drawn by ballot. The prize pipers will play to dancing as required.
9) Competitors must appear in proper costume. In Events nos 1 to 16, 27 to 43. Highland Dress is imperative, and in events nos 17 to 26 and 59 to 66 the kilt must be worn.
10) All competitors must be ready when called. Any competitor misconducting himself will not be allowed to compete, and if previously successful, will forfeit his prize.
11) The prize money will be paid to the competitors as soon as the result of each event is verified.
12) Dornoch Highland Gathering to be holders and owners of all trophies in perpetuity.
13) Three tries will be allowed in nos 17 to 26, 48 to 50, 53 and 59 to 66.
14) Entries on the day of the games can only be received at the Secretary's Office.
15) All competitors must be prepared to be drug tested.

© Copyright by Dornoch Highland Gathering
Photographs © Copyright by John Haslam.